At the first ever Adobe Creative Jam at an Educational Institution, I was part of a 2 person team, named "Please Hire Us". This team of Mackenzie Perez and myself were tasked with creating a static visual piece in only 3 hours.
After meeting up with other teams, we were assigned to our spaces and given the quote that we had to base our work around.
It's kind of fun to the impossible
Taking this qoute and its original qouter Walt Disney, to heart, we sought to find a way to show off the world he has created that is now famous all throughout earth.
Starting with a simple sketch and an idea our project was born. We really wanted to push the idea that this park was its own world. Walt believed it was a place all of its own, so we sought out how to create that. Building on that idea Mackenzie and I collaborated to see what we could feasibly make in our very quick 3 hours.
Combining my photoshop skills and 360º photography with Mackenzie's custom typography we were able to create a piece that literally makes Walt's perfect magical world a place in the galaxy. 
I started out taking some of my own photography and found the perfect distance from the castle to be able to warp the image in a "tiny world" effect. Then combining 3 separate photos, each at different exposure levels, I was able to level out the shot correctly. When finished nothing in the image is extremely blown out, or too dark. 
Of course what picture of the Cinderella Castle would be complete without some fireworks! With only 1 hour left in the competition, Mackenzie was finalizing the handmade type while I moved onto making final touches such as the firework effects, and the stars. 
After Mackenzie gave me the Ai file with the typography I quickly added it into my psd. From there the type was situatued to fit in just right, and parts such as the ribbon, were put behind the "tiny world" to make it appear as if the qoute wrapped around the whole world.  
With only 3 hours of work time, a set qoute, and a great teammate, Mackenzie and I were able to make this piece for the Adobe Creative Jam at Full Sail University. It was a wonderful experience that I hope I am able to attend again. Thank you so much to Adobe Creative Jam and Full Sail University for this event. 
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