360º Videos and Photography is a relatively new form of advertisement unless you are a Realtor in which case you should know all about it. This fully immersive way of capturing the world around us has gotten even more powerful with the use of smartphones. Having these smartphones always with us allows the world of 360º to be used in much more practical applications. 
With a technology of this kind, I feel the target audience is limited until 360º commercials become more mainstream. With this in mind I decided to aim for young females ages 10-16. This ad would be played on Youtube, Facebook, and all other platforms that allow 360º videos easily into their applications. Girls this age could easily figure out the 360º aspect and would enjoy discovering the different locations that are showcased throughout the video.
This is where I felt it could and should be pushed farther. 360º videos are new, but I wanted to do more than just let the video sit as it. 360º allowed the video the unique opportunity to put 2 separate commercials in 1 advertisement. 
Whether you lean towards a relaxing & calm vacation or with fun & excitement, this commercial appeals to both people. By cutting the screen in sections it allows the viewers to see 2 completely different views inside of one video. This technically puts 2 30 second commercials in only 30 seconds of time, therefore giving double the advertising for half the time. This also invites viewers to watch again and again to see what they missed. 
Then we have the issue of quickly explaining to the viewer that this is a 360º and guiding them to choose a side to watch. This is where we have the central view concept. When a 360º video begins the screen is always centered on the same start area. This small amount of control has to be used to guide the viewer and influence them on where to watch next. 
Therefore as shown below, the viewer is given a set area to watch the advertisement. They are quickly presented with the type of video it is and how they can choose their own adventure. Then the actresses in the video move left and right to guide the viewer to where their own portion of the advertisement will reside until the end of the video. 
360º video for iPhone needs to be watched on the Youtube App:

Chrome is the best browser for 360º viewing. 

I hope you enjoy!

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