This is a movie poster I designed for  "EDEN The Return of Man", a movie I thought up. The premise of the movie is that people, even though they forbidden by God, decide to go back to the Garden of Eden. No one is entirely sure who rediscovered this Heaven on Earth, but the world is astonished with it. Little does everyone know that the Garden is now evil and corrupted, and the only reason it was found is because Satan allowed it to be rediscovered. Since it was the place of original temptation, he brings it back to corrupt the modern world, but makes it appear as an other worldly destination for everyone to enjoy. Will the temptation win over, and what really lies behind the forbidden entrance to, EDEN. 
I had gone through many different designs when it came to this EDEN movie poster, but ultimately a cleaner, more aligned design won out. (below is other options and progress)
EDEN The Return of Man - Interactive Movie Poster (full view)
EDEN The Return of Man - Interactive Movie Poster (Close-up)
A unique feature about the poster is its way to have a second screen experience! With the use of the Aurasma application the poster will come to life in an augmented reality. This will help to make the poster stand out and have that special flair that others will not. This feature, while buggy and difficult to make a reality, is very easy for the consumer. I strive to use this to help reinforce the story and make this poster unlike any other. 
EDEN The Return of Man - Interactive Movie Poster (preproduction)
Progress and other possibilities for the project are shown below: 
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